All carpets are for sale

All Carpets are for sale


The carpets for sale at the Flying Carpet Turkish Café are mostly Turkish prayer rugs, hand-made from handspun woolen yarn, with vegetable, insect and mineral dyes, ranging in age from 50 to 150 years. These are mostly village carpets carefully chosen by the owner Brent Hyder on his travels through Turkey and woven in famous rug-weaving towns in Turkey such as Konya, Oushaq, Bergama, Kir-shehir, Mujur and elseshere in Eastern Anatolia. These classic rugs embody the color and spirit of their Islamic and pre-Islamic origins. In addition to Mr Hyder’s rugs here at the Flying Carpet, we encourage and invite you to browse visiting Istanbul rug merchant Mr Abdullah Gündogdu’s stock of Turkish rugs in the Arlington Heights carpet shop at 5928 Curzon Avenue in Fort Worth, telephone number, 845-558-7657.



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